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Safety Tips

Always Keep Yourself and Others Safe

It always pays to be prepared…

* DO NOT leave your rubbish behind. Always make sure you pick up after yourself and thoughtfully dispose of any used condoms and wrappers, litter, or cigarette butts. Most complaints to council and police come from other users of the space.

* ALWAYS respect the space and be discreet about it. There’s no need to be obvious about what you’re doing or offend anyone. Avoid the area or find a more discreet location if there are other people present.

* ALWAYS be considerate of noise levels in residential areas. There’s no need to be loud or hoon around in your car, especially in residential areas. Most complaints to council and police come from residents in the area.

* ALWAYS look out for each other and AVOID putting yourself in danger! Alert other beat users of trouble in the area and of any police presence. We’d all appreciate if police were there to protect us… if you see anything out of the ordinary or feel threatened from bashers, make sure you stay out of their way and alert others. It’s best to join a group of guys and calmly walk away – which also provides a witness for any incident with police and bashers, and lodge a report.

* ALWAYS make sure your valuables are secure.

* ALWAYS make sure you know how to safely exit the area. Take note of exits when cruising in places that may be difficult to escape from bashers.

* If relevant, MAKE SURE you are not carrying any illicit substances with you. Don’t give the police any excuse to arrest you.

* ALWAYS remain in control. Remain calm and confident at all times, even if you are not or they provoke you!

* AVOID any confrontation with police.

If you are approached by police and feel their actions are inappropriate and unreasonable, and you believe you are being treated unfairly, DO NOT provoke or argue with them, they will find any excuse to charge you.

Make sure you ask for their name and station, which they should tell you. If they do not tell you, or cover their badge, make a note of the identifying letters and numbers on the side of the police vehicle, if possible.

Immediately after the incident, lodge a report by completing the Online Report or email sydneybeatproject@gmail.com

Also consider lodging a formal complaint to the NSW Ombudsman and/or the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.