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Report Information

Report your experiences with police at beats…

It’s important to include as much detail as possible…

DETAILED REPORT – Police Conduct, Professionalism and the Justice System

Please include time, date and place, and as much detail about your experiences as possible. Please lodge a report for every incident you encounter or witness.

Some questions to consider when preparing your report:

  • Were the officers plain clothed or uniformed?
  • What did the police say and do?
  • Did police say or do anything that was inappropriate or homophobic?
  • How many officers were there?
  • Were they on foot or in vehicles?
  • Did you feel their actions were appropriate?
  • Did they identify themselves as police and give you their name and which station they were from?
  • Did you feel threatened by their actions?
  • Did you report the incident and who to… what was the outcome?

All reports sent to us will be de-identified and de-personalised… and will form the basis of a report and formal complaint to the NSW Ombudsman and the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.

You can also email us at: sydneybeatproject@gmail.com