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Lodge Complaint


As soon as possible after the incident, write down everything that happened:

  • date, time and location of the incident;
  • detailed description of what happened:
  • name, rank and station of officer/s involved and/or vehicle registration details;
  • what officer/s did and said to you;
  • what you expect the NSW Police Force to do about your complaint; and
  • any other information you consider relevant.

If you believe you’ve been treated unfairly by officers and their behaviour was anything less than professional… or officers didn’t respond to a hate-related crime against you in an appropriate and compassionate manner – then you have every right to make a complaint.

Effective complaint handling is the key to an ethical police force. Any police force that is accountable for the conduct of its police officers must be prepared to deal with complaints openly, efficiently and fairly is more likely to enjoy community confidence than one that is closed to criticism.

Download NSW Police - Complaint Handling Guidelines

To complain about NSW police officers:

  • You can contact the Customer Assistance Unit on 1800 622 571
  • You can visit your local police station to try and resolve the matter

If you contact police, make sure you take notes… date and time, the name of the officer/s you spoke to, general conversation and officer/s reactions, what the officer/s indicated they would do about your complaint.


Persistently follow it up… be aware that the initial officer/s you contacted may not available and/or avoid and not return your call — follow up your complaints if you haven’t heard anything for a week or two, and then put your complaint in writing if officer/s continue to avoid your complaint.


To lodge a formal complaint you must do so in writing:

You can also forward your complaint to the NSW Ombudsman, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, and the Police Integrity Commission, who can mediate and assist you to resolve the complaint.

REPORT ALL INCIDENTS that you have with Police , and let us know you’ve lodged a complaint via sydneybeatproject@gmail.com


NSW Ombudsman: www.ombo.nsw.gov.au
Ph. 02 9286 1000
Toll Free (outside Sydney metro): 1800 451 524


Anti-Discrimination Board: www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/ADB
Ph. 02 9268 5555
Toll Free (outside Sydney metro): 1800 670 812




If you need any support with your complaint, or if you get into trouble and need legal advice or representation, please contact either Legal Aid or the Inner City Legal Centre.

Legal Aid: www.legalaid.nsw.gov.au
Ph. 1300 888 529


Information has been obtained from legal advice. This section relates to NSW law only. Other States and Territories may differ.

This section relates to NSW law only. Other States and Territories may differ.