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Report Police Harassment


The Beat Project was initiated to monitor and document incidents of police harassment at beats… it’s important that you let us know about your experiences with police by completing the online report below. Please complete a separate report for each incident.

If you’ve been charged and/or fined, please scan and forward any documents to: sydneybeatproject@gmail.com


REPORT – Police Activity & Comment


Report your experiences…


If you’re approached and have a negative experience with officers…

  • note the date/time
  • note the officer/s full name and rank — officers must identify themselves on approach and their identification must be clearly displayed at all times… you’re also allowed to ask if they don’t tell you — if plain-clothed, always request to see their identification
  • note anything officers do and say to you – and why you’ve been approached


Write down what happened immediately after the incident… it’s important to include as much detail as possible, and will assist you to lodge a complaint against the officer/s:

  • Were the officers plain clothed or uniformed?
  • How many officers were there… were they on foot or in vehicles?
  • Did they identify themselves on approach and give you their full name and which station they were from?
  • What did the police do and say to you?
  • Did police do or say anything that was inappropriate or homophobic?
  • Did you feel their actions were appropriate?
  • Did you feel threatened by their actions?
  • Did you report the incident and who to… what was the outcome?
  • Were you ‘arrested’ or charged? (please forward any paperwork)

Your reports and comments will be treated with strict confidentiality, and will be de-identified and de-personalised.

If you are able, we also recommend you lodge your own complaint with NSW Police and NSW Ombudsman — please let us know so we can assist you – sydneybeatproject@gmail.com

We also welcome reports, comments and feedback from beat users in other States and Territories.