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Stumbling On Melons • Blog • November 16, 2008

Beats are a divisive issue within the gay community: it cannot be denied that sex in public places challenges public acceptance of gay people, and those gay people who want to be “respectable” and respected by society are not always sympathetic to people who use beats. In fact, many beat users are “men who have sex with men” rather than avowedly gay men. Read more


Gay Beats Back In The Spotlight • SameSame • October 20, 2008

Squirt.org, a site that, amongst other things, offers a comprehensive list of gay beats around the world, has found itself in the media spotlight once again.

It is not the first time this website has grabbed mainstream media attention. Last year the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the toilets in a city store in Sydney were being used as a gay beat venue, sparking similar calls for extra security and concerns over child safety at the store. Read more