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The aims of the Beat Project are to:

* Provide legal information so beat users will be informed of their rights

* Effect change for the protection and safety of beat users

* Develop a network for beat users to share their experiences and report incidences of police harassment and hate-crimes

* Monitor police activity at beats and alert beat users of unreasonable tactics used by police

* Collect and document incidences of police harassment at beats across NSW

* Collate and report on police harassment and lodge a formal complaint

* Work towards an end to police harassment and bigotry in the justice system

* Seek legislative change to remove homophobic laws and decriminalise public sex in NSW, looking at the Amsterdam model and similar moves in the UK for direction

‘Homosexual Advance Defence’ (HAD) and ‘Homosexual Panic’ Eradication Proposals

1) Abolition of Homosexual Advance and Homosexual Panic Principles.

2) Abolition of Provocation as a Defence. Seek legislative change to abolish Section 23 of the NSW Crimes Act, Self-Defence – Provocation

3) Amending Self-defence and Excessive Self-defence to exclude non-violent sexual advance. Seek legislative change to remove non-violent sexual advance as a defence under Section 421 of the NSW Crimes Act, Excessive Self-Defence – as used in the recent case of the senseless hate-murder of Gerard Fleming

4) Mandating Jury Warnings for Hate Crimes.

5) Hate Crime Sentencing Enhancements.