NSWPF Customer Service Guidelines and Community Feedback Survey


Let NSW Police Force Know What You Want — Community Feedback

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NSW Police Force are seeking your feedback… your answers to questions in this survey and additional comments you provide will help NSWPF understand what the community needs and expects from police and will help to improve their services. Your responses to this survey are anonymous and confidential.
We encourage you to let NSWPF know about your experiences with officers and what you think about the ‘service’ you received – whether you’ve been harassed or a victim of hate-related crime.


NSW Police Force release ‘New Customer Service Guidelines’

Download Customer Service Guidelines

“The NSW Police Force is committed to providing the community and the entire NSW Police Force with responsive and meaningful customer service. Ensuring that we maintain quality customer service is one of the highest priorities of every officer. It is what the community desires and is a key government objective,” said the Commissioner of Police, Mr Andrew Scipione, APM.

With this priority in mind the NSW Police Force has released new Customer Service Guidelines which provides guidance to our officers on how they should be dealing with our customers including victims of crime, witnesses, and the general community.

This advice includes dealing with customer queries, telephone and message enquiries, attending an incident enquiry, closing cases, dealing with difficult customers and importantly keeping victims updated with the status of investigations.

The guidelines apply to every staff member employed by the NSW Police Force and they are to be implemented at all times by all staff.

The Guidelines supplement our Customer Service Charter which outlines our commitments to you to:

  • be accessible
  • be professional and helpful
  • take appropriate action
  • keep you informed

The new guidelines will assist in ensuring customers are kept informed from the beginning through to the finality of their matters. The NSW Police Force is committed to upholding the Charter of Victims Rights and providing professional and accurate information to victims of crime. These Customer Service Guidelines have been developed to ensure that the NSW Police Force delivers on that commitment.

The Guidelines are being released publicly as a further sign of our commitment to the community we serve.


Who are NSW Police Force “customers”?

NSWPF customers are the victims of and witnesses to crimes, members of the community and our own internal colleagues and stakeholders. The people we arrest and suspects for crimes will not be considered customers as they will be dealt with under specific legislation, policies and procedures.

The current ‘crime prevention’ approach encourages homophobia and puts our safety at risk… this raises concerns that these Customer Service Guidelines do not apply to beat users, and that we will continue to receive poor customer service as victims and witnesses to hate-related crimes.

This approach does little to address vigilante behaviour and homophobic violence toward beat users and the GLBTI community, and even less to build trust and encourage men to report hate-related crimes to police – that’s not acceptable.


Source: NSWPF Website